Custom Made Dresses- from our designs for an extra $30*


1.  Select the design

Choose from 90 different designs we have in our boutique.

2.  Select the fabric 

Choose from over 10 -15 different types of fabrics and over 200 colors from our range.

3.  Design your dress

Choose your dress:  you can make changes to the neckline, straps, sleeves and skirt shape and length etc...

4. Measurements

Our designer or stylist will take your measurements.

Enjoy perfect fit in your own Custom Made Dresses.

Forget about the standard size dresses.

You are unique, your dresses are too.

Custom Made Dresses- Your own designs


If you're looking for an exclusive but affordable Custom-Made-Dress.  Book an appointment to see the 

designer with over 15 years of experience. 


The average cost for a Custom Made Dresses- including fabric - varies according to what style and design

you choose:

-  Full length chiffon dress from $300-$400

-  Fitted sequin or lace gown from $450-$600


Delivery Time

Custom Made Dress takes 4-8 weeks to arrive from time of confirmed order.  We also prefer to have your dress ready in store 2 months before the event day.